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Get blood or lab tests done at your home, office or hotel

Get doctor consultation, prescription and more at your doorstep.

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Lab Tests at Home
Lab Tests at Home
Lab Tests at Home
Lab Tests at Home

How does it work?

Download the DarDoc mobile application and book a blood or lab test package of your choice. A DHA or DOH licensed nurse will visit your location for sample collection. Thereafter, your samples are processed in state of the art licensed laboratories. You can find the results on your mobile application and our specialist physician will call you for explaining the results.

Experience hospital like care at your home

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Lab Tests at Home

Why DarDoc is the Best Choice?


Our scheduling system is fully customizable so you will find a healthcare professional who fits your schedule and meets your needs — with no fuss or hassle.

Real-Time Tracking

You can track the service progress, including tips, advice, activities in real-time with instant notifications, reports and graphs shared by our healthcare professionals.

The Right Professionals

Our specialized professionals are here to make your life as smooth as possible. We have certified professionals for all conditions. We take a quick assessment when you book to provide you with the right professional.


All of our healthcare professionals have been carefully vetted to ensure your well-being.
Lab Tests at Home

Reliable healthcare services on demand

Because of DarDoc, now blood tests are easily available at your doorstep

What type of blood or lab tests are available?

We have worked on bringing many different types of blood or lab tests at your home. You can book CBC, Vitamin profile, STD checks, Food Intolerance Test, DNA Tests, or even complex tumor marker tests. Periodic lab screening is essential to ensure that your body is functioning in the best way possible. Check out our mobile application for seeing our host of lab packages that are available.

We also offer on demand testing for: 

  • D dimer test
  • Anaemia blood test
  • Infertility test
  • Blood test for pregnancy
  • Troponin test
  • HGB blood test
  • MCV blood test
  • CPK blood test
  • Coombs test
  • PTT test
  • HCT blood test
  • PCOS Blood Test
  • Hair Loss Blood Test
  • STD Blood Test
  • Vitamin & Minerals Test

You can also request custom or special blood test and our team will be happy to help you. Leave us a message or call on 800-DARDOCTOR for more information.

Lab Tests at Home
Lab Tests at Home
Lab Tests at Home

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