Weight Loss

Lose up to 20% of your weight
within six months.

UAE’s most effective weight management program.
Obesity specialized doctors
Science backed medications
24/7 support from care professionals

What's included ?

Free online assessment

Take our two-minute quiz to understand your goals, health condition, and reasons behind weight gain. Get on track for effective weight loss today!

Blood tests at home

Schedule your blood test with us. We'll analyze several biomarkers to understand your biology, so our doctors can create a personalized plan. The best part? Our nurses come to your home or office for sample collection. Unmatched convenience.

Nutritionist Consultation

When combined with diet, medicated weight loss is most effective. That’s why our top-quality nutritionists and dieticians connect with you via video chat to create a personalized plan. They consider your cravings and cuisine preferences, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable routine for you.

Doctor Consultation

Your blood results are automatically sent to our obesity specialist doctors, licensed by DHA or DoH. You'll meet with them over video chat to dive deep into your health and plan your journey, including any necessary medications.

Ongoing care & support

This isn't a one-time affair. With us, you'll have follow-up sessions and connect with our care team to ensure you're on track to losing weight. It's a long journey, but we're with you every step of the way to make it as comfortable and easy as possible.

Prescription Medicine & Delivery

We’ve partnered with the largest retail pharmacy outlets in the UAE to provide your medications. Order with us, and we’ll deliver to your doorstep within 30 minutes at no extra cost. Just pay the standard market price for the medication.

Built by experts in science and weight management for delivering personalized goals

Where the biggest Looser wins!

How DarDoc helps you lose weight ?

Take a free health quiz.
Take a free health quiz.
Get lab tests completed from home.
Get lab tests completed from home.
Complete your video visit with our doctor.
Complete your video visit with our doctor.
Get medications delivered to your home.
Get medications delivered to your home.
Video visit with nutritionist.
Video visit with nutritionist.
Ongoing care & support.
Ongoing care & support.

Never have we ever felt this lighter!

DarDoc's GLP-1 weight loss program has been life-changing for me. The results are incredible and the service is top-notch!

Brian, Dubai

Thanks to DarDoc's on-time GLP-1 medications, I've seen a steady and healthy weight loss. Highly recommend!

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The affordability and effectiveness of DarDoc's GLP-1 weight loss program make it the best choice for anyone serious about losing weight.

Layla, Sharjah

Booking my GLP-1 weight loss medications through the DarDoc app is so convenient. Exceptional service and support!

Zayed, Al Ain

The discounts on DarDoc's GLP-1 weight loss program have made it accessible and effective for my weight loss journey.

Sara, Dubai

DarDoc's doctor's are incredibly supportive and professional. Their GLP-1 weight loss program has been the best decision for my health.

Afrah, Abu Dhabi

DarDoc's GLP-1 weight loss medications work best for me. I've seen significant progress and feel more energized.

Amina, Sharjah

On-time delivery and excellent customer service make DarDoc's GLP-1 weight loss program stand out. Highly effective!

Khalifa, Al Ain

The care and support from DarDoc's team, along with their effective GLP-1 weight loss medications, have helped me achieve my weight loss goals.

Reem, Dubai

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